Dear Alumni Members,

This year, we are planning several special events, educational seminars, and workshops. We encourage you to begin or renew your membership so you can continue to be engaged through our events and newsletter updates. Please note that some events are ONLY available to current members as a membership perk.

The membership renewal process has been made simpler for everyone. Just visit our web site: Have your credit card ready, click on Dues/Donations, and follow the instructions. If you prefer to write a check, please write your check payable to FBISACAAA and mail it to FBISACAAA, P. O. Box 460202, San Antonio, TX, 78246-0202.  Please email an updated or completed membership application and policy affirmation document  to: .

We look forward to a banner year in 2020 and hope you will make a special effort to keep up your connection to the FBI.

Should you have further questions about your payment(s) and/or membership, please do not hesitate to contact our Membership Director, Ron Bright, at

Special Note to All Applicants: 

  1. Please Make Sure you email an updated and completed FBISACAAA Membership Application and Policy Affirmation document to  

Best Regards,


Todd Silberman                   



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